Lockdown DIY Home Makeover Tips

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For many people, their home is their most valuable and important possession. During the pre-pandemic era, we often took our homes for granted. However, today our homes serve as a protective refuge and shelter which is protecting us from the pandemic. Still, as we spend more time at home during lockdown, we begin to get tired of our home’s appearance and want to change things up a bit.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some easy DIY home makeover tips that can give your home a ‘New Year, New Me’ look of its own:

Paint Walls

When painting your home’s interior walls, you should wait for dry weather. Before you start painting, you should do a thorough inspection to find any peels, flakes, and cracks. Prep the surface before painting and make sure to use high-quality painter’s tape, roller covers, and brushes to get the best results.

A poorly planned DIY painting project could ruin your furniture, carpet, floors, or appliances. Make sure to cover or remove them before you begin painting. As an additional expert tip, if you want to mix paint colours, do it in large batch to get
more consistent results.

Add Artwork

Spaces above cabinets and countertops in the kitchen are perfect spaces for artwork. Remember to choose smaller pieces to avoid overwhelming your kitchen. As a place for relaxation, modern artwork in the bedroom should blend and bring calmness with soothing tones or colours. Photos of landscapes or botanical photos also work well for bedrooms. Because you spend a lot of time in the home office area, choose artwork that personally motivates and inspires you.

Window Treatments

When improving the look of your windows, consider removing excess elements and make things look more minimalistic. Allow natural light to enter the interior through the windows. Pleated shades allow plenty of natural light in, while maintaining a good level of privacy. If direct sunlight is too harsh and hot, use woven wood shades or retractable wood blinds. Choose contemporary artwork that compliments your new window treatments to create a natural flow.

Outdoor Fire Pit

An outdoor firepit is an easy DIY project and it allows you to
spend more time outdoors, while still being protected from possible COVID-19 transmission. Use pewter concrete retaining wall blocks, a paver base, and pea pebbles to create a modern, stylish look. You will find yourself grilling sausages and burgers in no time.

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