4 Easy Ideas For Styling Your Home Office

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The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has meant a lot of us have had to start working from home. Whether you have a home office already in place or have been forced to fashion one, here’s some inspiration on how to style it. Everyone deserves to work in a space that makes them feel inspired and helps them be productive.


I don’t know who needs to hear this, but clear your workspace! The phrase tidy surroundings, tidy mind is definitely true. Not only will this help you get into the right space mentally, decluttering provides a nice and tidy base to begin styling.

Get organised

Instead of jumping head first into styling, think about organising your workspace first. There’s no point in dedicating time to styling if you don’t have a practical way of running things first. Trust us when we say, it will only end up untidy again!

Think about what you need the most and place that within reach. You can implement storage solutions like baskets, folders and magazine boxes. Get creative with it! 

Fill your office with things that inspire you

Make a conscious decision to surround yourself with media or ornaments that inspire you. Here at Printy Shop, we have a wide range of prints that would look fabulous in a home office from botanicals, zodiac prints to fashion prints.

When in doubt, add plants

Indoor plants are one of the best styling props you can have in a home office. Not only because they look good and add a pop of colour, but they come with a range of health benefits too. When choosing indoor plants, consider plants that help purify air, reduce stress and blood pressure. If you’re somebody that’s not great at looking after plants, you can add a few low maintenance plants such as succulents or cacti.


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